The Importance of Women’s Wellness Services

Ensure your total-body health by turning to the medical professionals at Brookwood Baptist Health. As part of our commitment to improving the life and wellbeing of each patient we see, we want to make sure they all have access to quality solutions no matter what their medical needs may be. As a woman, you have certain symptoms and risks not found in men or children. However, with years of experience in women’s wellness in Birmingham, Alabama, our OBGYNs, gynecologists, and nurses help you understand your body and assess any health issues that apply specifically to women.

In many cases, we only see patients once a year during their wellness checkup. This examination, like many of our primary care services, helps you prevent or treat certain conditions before they become too serious—diseases such as breast, ovarian, and cervical cancer, as well as sexually transmitted infections and diseases. We know these are scary diseases and the women’s wellness exam can make some patients feel vulnerable, but we work to ensure a place where you can feel safe and comfortable, allowing you to talk more freely about symptoms you are experiencing so we can treat them faster and easier.

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Wellness Checkup Improving & Maintaining Your Overall Health

Take care of your body in every way possible. There may be a lot of different fad diets and exercise trends, but the one health habit that never goes out of style is going to your annual wellness checkup. We have OBGYNs, gynecologists, and other doctors who specialize in healthcare for women because our female patients require different diagnoses, procedures, and treatments than children and men.

By visiting your OBGYN or gynecologist every year, we can more accurately track inconsistencies and irregularities in your cycle or in your cervical cells. These irregularities may be just how your body is or could be signs of something more serious. However, with regular visits, we’ll know for sure. If it is an indication of disease, we’ll catch it and treat it quickly.

About the Women’s Wellness Exam

Whether this is your very first time in one of our OBGYN or GYN offices, or you have simply missed your last few appointments, we want to make sure you know what to expect when you visit us. Standard checkups include a pelvic exam, breast exam, and, less frequently, a Pap smear test. Our gynecology professional checks the internal organs’ shape and size, and checks the breasts and lymph nodes for signs of cancer. You may ask questions about sexual health and activity, birth control, STD testing, menstrual issues, or any other problems you may be experiencing.

Contact us today to make an appointment and learn more about our women’s wellness services by calling 844-692-2401.  We proudly serve patients in Birmingham, Calera, Chelsea, Columbiana, and Gardendale, Alabama.