Providing a Variety of Physical Assessment Services

Visit our experienced medical professionals at least once annually or more if you need additional services. Whether you need a male physical, women’s wellness exam, or any other preventative care assessment, we are here to provide the advanced healthcare solutions you deserve.

We offer many different types of physical exams, including sports physicals, school physicals, male and female exams, and standard annuals. Each of these tests patients’ health in different ways according to the examination type. Sports exams, for example, give a more thorough explanation of a patient’s physical fitness level than a basic physical assessment. We use a variety of techniques, including visual evaluation, listening to your breath and heartrate, and, depending on the test, we may have blood work done. Although each test may differ slightly, they all work to give you a better understanding of your body and provide the advice and resources you need to maintain good health.

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Why It’s Important to Get Your Male Physical

Count on our doctors to ensure you get the services that allow you to stay healthier throughout your life. While your annual physical examination may check basic health markers, men and women each have symptoms and sicknesses that only apply to their gender. With our male physicals, our male patients can get more specialized care. We check for indications of sexually transmitted infections and diseases, as well as various forms of cancer. When you take advantage of these services, you can feel better about your reproductive health and overall wellbeing.

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