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Get the right solutions for your heart health issues by taking advantage of the services at Brookwood Baptist Health. Many patients who visit our pacemaker doctors in Birmingham, Alabama, do so because they were referred by one of our primary care physicians or cardiologists. In these cases, patients have complained of shortness of breath, chest pains, or numbness in their extremities. These symptoms can be signs of arrhythmias, bradycardia, coronary heart disease, or other conditions that cause irregular heartbeats. So if you notice any of these signs, talk to a cardiology professional to get a diagnosis.

Once you have a diagnosis, your cardiologist may recommend surgery so you don’t have to worry about sudden cardiac arrest. We work with you to explain your options, including a pacemaker, ICD, or heart transplant, depending on the specifics of your case. Our specialists want you to have all the information you need to feel confident about the procedure.

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Let our specialists help you decide whether a pacemaker is right for you and give you the resources you need to live a more active and healthy life. We have years of experience in pacemaker surgery, but we also care about the quality of life our patients have after the surgery. That’s why we work to give you advice on safety tips and how to best take care of yourself.

The pacemaker was recommended and implanted because you have heart health issues, so the first rule is not to put unnecessary strain on your heart. This means staying away from high-impact sports or anything else that might damage your new device. You can still work out and enjoy sports and other activities that get your pulse going, but there is a limit. Talk to our doctors about other pacemaker precaution methods you can use so you can live a healthier life.

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Trust our pacemaker doctors to help you manage your heart health in highly effective ways. We know it can be scary to go through a heart attack or be diagnosed with any heart condition, but with our help, you can still be active and enjoy improved health. We help you treat or manage any problems of the heart muscle, lining, and valves, as well as blood vessel issues. Our efficient processes and compassionate techniques ensure you get quick, effective results.

Learn more about our pacemaker services and contact us today by calling 844-692-2401. We proudly serve patients in Birmingham, Calera, Chelsea, Columbiana, and Gardendale, Alabama.